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  • How much does the grooming service cost?
    Grooming prices are determined after a consult from one of our pet stylists. The stylist will need to know the breed, weight, temperament and the condition of the dogs coat. They will ask questions about desired style. After an estimate of time and skill needed for the grooming process then a price can be quoted. Simply call to speak with one of our specialists.
  • Do I need an appointment? How long will my pet be there?
    Any service that requires a bath or trim will need an appointment. Our pet stylists schedule by the amount of time it is estimated to complete the grooming process. We expect a regular grooming service to last a couple hours. However for large dogs or dogs requiring a higher skilled grooming, then expect longer wait times. We take our time and provide each dog with the individual care they need and deserve. Your groomer will contact you as soon as your pet is complete. Do not come in to the salon during your pets service as this may excite your pet and cause a possible injury. We appreciate your patience. After all you cant rush perfection!
  • What does my pet need in order to be groomed?
    We require all pets in our care to be updated on vaccines. We require the Rabies and Distemper vaccines to be current. We highly recommend the Bordatella vaccine as well to protect your pet against kennel cough but is not mandatory.
  • Are there any pets that are not accepted?
    We do not accept dogs that: Show aggression or bite. Dogs over the age of 14. Dogs that have severe flea infestation. Dogs that are severely matted or neglected. Pregnant dogs. Dogs who have been skunked.
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