Premium shampoo and conditioner

Blueberry facial scrub

Blow dry 

Brush out

Nail trimming

Ear cleaning/ Hair removal




Trim on Paw pads, Sanitary area, Face and loose ends.


Full Haircut from nose to Toes!

Entire body trim and style.


Please call for an estimate. Price is determined by the breed of dog, temperment, Size and condition of coat.

Just for fun:

Nail polish ($5.00)

Temporary haircolor ($10.00 & up)

Eye lashes ($5.00)

Earrings (temporary) ($3.00)

Booty Bling ($5.00)

Feather Extension ($2.00)

Hotel Visit:

Single dog overnight ($20.00)

Double dog overnight ($15.00 per dog)

Daycare ($10.00) 

Dogs under 30 pounds only

Pick up times only during normal business hours

Must bring your dogs food

No aggressive dogs allowed


Add on options:

Teeth Brushing ($5.00)

Shed treatment ($10.00)

Nail Filing and smoothing ($2.00)

Hot oil treatment ($10.00

Mudd bath ($10.00)

Medicated bath ($5.00)

Flea bath ($10.00)

Gland expressed ($2.00)

All day stay ($5.00)

We proudly use Les Poochs shampoo and conditioner.