Prices $$$

Half Dozen Pupcakes $18.00

Birthday Cake Small $20.00

Birthday Cake Large $30.00

Bone Shaped Cake $40.00

Choose your Icing!

*Peanut Butter

*Yogurt (Color of Choice)

Choose a Topping!




*Dog Bone Cookie

*Happy Birthday Pick

Mobi Dog Classics!

The Elvis

*Banana Cake

*Peanut butter Frosting

*Bacon on top

Bone Shaped Cake

Small Birthday Cake

Button Nose 

Please Call at least 3 days ahead of time to place order! All custom orders must be payed in advance.

Large Dog Birthday Cake

Sassy Roo

Brown Noser

Sassy Pumpkin

*Pumpkin Cake

*Peanut butter frosting

*Cranberries on top

*Carob Cake (Doggie Chocolate)

*Pink yogurt frosting

​*Sprinkles on top

Birthday Cakes & Pupcakes

Choose from 4 different Cake Flavors!

*Peanut Butter